Poker and The Future Of Football Betting

Poker is no longer the only activity online increasing in popularity. A new shooting star is the sport of football betting.With advances in technology and a rise in the popularity of this sport, the future of football betting certainly looks positive. With the options to place online wagers and bet on live matches, it has spread to college games and other sporting genres. It is important to search for such sites offering the ability to make a bet on some of the major leagues in industry.

Many are not familiar with what a future football bet is. When you make a prop bet or similar, it involves placing a sum of money on the fact that anything could happen within the upcoming seasons. More individuals are looking into such options in order to broaden the sphere of gambling.

One is able to place bets on a wide range of featured players, a team or a single professional. Bettors have the option of placing propositional bets, which can be placed on anything from the favored individual player or series through the sports books. Conducting a search into the strategies and ways you may place a bet will allow one to determine which of these are most suitable.

When it comes to placing a bet on a single player, it may involve estimating the performance of a quarterback throughout the season. Depending on the particular position the professional plays, one may determine the relevancy of the individual and the likelihood of achieving predicted scores for a regular season. There is also the opportunity to view college games and place the necessary bets on aspects of these games.

With the popularity of this sport and the ability to place bets on various aspects of the events for the season, more people are showing interest in this opportunity. This sport has received increased recognition and has established a major following even spreading into the college field. The future of football betting involves advancements in the choices one is able to make, when placing bets on different features of the game.

Enjoy The Various Advantages Of Using PokerOffic


PokerOffice is a tracking software that will help to make your gaming experience more exciting. The main advantage of PokerOffice is its ability to provide real time tracking as the game unfolds. You can get detailed information about your opponents. This is important in helping you identify strong players.
You can be able to view a players mucked hands. It is very useful to help you categorize players especially those at the limit tables where the players may not be so skilled. It even has a hand re-player to enable you to easily replay a hand to show off to friends or family or to assist a new learner to analyze and understand how to win a game.
You can be able to view various statistics of various aspects of the game. You can filter the statistics and find basically anything you want from player aggression to hand groupings. You can manipulate and configure the statistics which have been graphed as you want.
It is advisable to check if the software is compatible with your operating system before purchasing it. The good thing is that the software can be installed in computers with various operating systems. You have the option of changing the language settings to what you want.
You can install and run the program using the same license up to two of your computers. If you unintsall it from one of the computers then you can install the software in the third computer and so on and it will still be able to work properly. This gives you flexibility to use the program wherever it is convenient for you.
It is easy to get PokerOffice running straight out from the box. The program is continually being upgraded so you will be sure of getting better service at all times. Various add on features make the software more user friendly.

US Poker Sites

Several of the large US Poker Sites have been shut down by FBI. This leaves a lot of players without a site to call home so I, the Big Bob, decided to find out what other poker sites there are for US players.

I did find a number of US Sites still open for business and there were two that seem to work well. Doyle’s Room and True Poker. They are both in the Yatahay Network and can be trusted, has been around forever (even before Stars and Tilt and those losers) and Doyle’s is of course guaranteed by good old Doyle Brunson himself.
It’s of course tough if your money got locked away by the feds when they closed Pokerstars and Full Tilt Poker (I’m pretty certain that you, my dear readers, would never have played at UB or Absolute as we know from before that they are scammers). It’s even worse not to be able to play poker though so here it is:
US Poker Sites:
Enjoy playing!

The future of rakeback

More and more poker networks are trying to enforce a policy against rakeback. For instance, Ongame Network has recently launched a new model for distributing rake between the different poker rooms playing together in their poker network. The aim is to give advantage to poker rooms/players that feed the system with new money. Traditionally, rakeback players are seen to be the direct opposite. Rakeback players are very good poker players that bring very little fresh money to the system since they win most of the time. Instead they take a lot of the fresh money provided by the less good players away from the system before the poker rooms can make any rake on it.

This trend is, of course, natural at a time when poker rooms and networks move into a phase where the business is not growing as much anymore and they need to focus on making the business as profitable as possible instead. Will this mean the end to rakeback ? Of course not, poker rooms will still be needing to give things back to their really big and good poker players. Just as they have to do in land-based casinos. In the future, rakeback might take on a different shape, but it will still be there in some form.

Play Poker Loco Style

As you all know, there are many different poker rooms out there in the Internet jungle. The founders of these poker rooms have very often been very creative when picking a name for their poker room. Some are definitely better than others.

One of my personal favorites is a poker room called Poker Loco. The word “loco” means “crazy” or similar in English. But it is not the meaning of the word that I like so much, it is the sound and feel of it. Playing Poker at Poker Loco has a nice ring to it. At least to me.

Poker Loco is a well established poker room and is part of Ongame Network. So if you like playing in Ongame Network and, as me, like the sound of the name it is time to become a bit Loco at Poker Loco. I have tried it and I can warmly recommend the place.

Contemporary Tools tried at Point Poker

If you are a poker lover, you will want to try PointPoker.
Also you won’t deny the importance of calculations in the game. The game is destined to be won by those who are successful in finding an optimum level between objective and subjective way of dealings. A Pro always knows well when to make the calculation and when to make use of the opponent’s calculated moves. This article is aimed to give know how about the modern tools which assist in making Poker more calculated and objective. You may need to balance their use with your own experience and senses to be the winner of the day.

The three most widely used tools, which are being offered at some websites in one form or another, include Poker Calculator, Poker Tracker and some more advanced online tools. You can find them easily by searching them on the internet. Also, check out, to be sure to not miss out on anything.

Poker calculators are available in a variety of versions. You can use it to check the win odds, turn and river for your game. All it takes is practice in using it and knowledge of how you use the provided information. A Pot Odd Calculator will provide you with all the information you need to know to make a decision while playing Poker.

Poker crusher is another series of software which can be employed to enhance the level of customization needed for each game. This tool uses the past moves to identify the pattern of game and then generates suggestions for the user. This tool also helps in selection of the table you want to play on. However, this tool is not allowed to be used by all Poker playing communities.

Among other modern online Poker tools are the Check Your Bets, Holdem genius and Tournament Indicator. The Check Your Bets tool helps in estimating the amount of various material and non material resources you put in and shows the outcome of all these in graphical forms for the purpose of easy interpretation.

Holdem genius is one of the tools used by the Pros who have enough technical knowledge. This tool helps in the displaying only desired information. One of its striking features is the way it calculates the probability of the winning.

As a last word, keep one thing in mind; it is the human brain which is the greatest of all tools to be employed in any game. All what these assistances have to do is to facilitate the decision making process. At the end it is you who has to interpret the information in the right way to make the automated results from any tool to work for you. If you are not disciplined and competent enough to interpret and analyze the information, the best seller tool can play havoc to your game. So the key of using all the most sophisticated tools and soft wares work for you is your own ability to get the device work for you in the right way and make appropriate moves on the basis of all this information. No one has ever and never will be able to invent a Poker tool which can prove a substitute of your brain. So use them all but use them wisely!

I am a sports freak

BasketballLooking back at my life there is no doubt that it is the game that is my drive. I love to win. It’s the same when I play poker or when I’m swinging a racket in tennis. I need to win. This is of course the main reason I ended up as a fanatic poker player, it was never about the money.

It is the same way when I watch sports on TV, I want to win. Ok, it’s very good if my team wins (usually that means the Lakers) but it’s still not me winning. Luckily, when I was 16 I found the solution and that is very simple: Betting.

I have been betting my whole life and once it moved online it just got better, instead of standing out in the sun waiting for the bus so I could go and place my bets I just chill in the sofa with the laptop. Where do I bet? is an obvious choice, not so much because I like it better but because it was there when I started and I sort of got stuck. Right now I’m taking a closer look at the NBA Betting odd and as usual the Lakers should win 🙂

If you like sports as much as I do I’d suggest you take a look in my sidebar (to the right) for some of my very own sports sites.

Getting yourself an edge

Getting a lead in a poker game
To begin with an edge at a poker game than others does not require much practice, many teachers, coachs or ample book reading. The only thing that matter most in a poker game is to know the game well. Although many players go wrong due to their lack of understanding, there is not much intricate or complex way to gain this enlightenment.

Knowing the pros and cons
Many leading elements in poker lie in its numeric. In poker, summing correctly plays a major role in winning and ways to do it are innumerable. Although these calculations are very simple, still they are estimation to be made within the correct time. In which way they can give you a lead in poker game? This question is irrelevant in the case of people who do not care enough to calculate in the first place so as to get the chances therein. There is a lot who even do not look at the table whenever they take a judgment to raise a draw. Based on above mention reason, we can say, that knowing average arithmetic in the game would give player a lead effectively.

To provide players with more information, I prefer to mention specifically that there are various locations that can give considerable edge to overcome the opponents in their poker tables. This is worth mentioning as there is a great deal of players who do not know that taking better positions at a table when playing is half winning the game as this locations provide players with opportunities to beat bad positioned opponents considerably well.

Folding when beaten
Probably, folding is the easiest thing players do. If you are in desperation to get a lead, then folding is the best method when beaten. What is the use of staying in while you are beaten hard? The most advisable task at hand at a said time is to get away as soon as possible with the amount left from the lost. Nevertheless, uncountable numbers of poker players who do not know their limit and go in consistently even when they are beaten hard. So whenever you are beaten, consider it as the end of the day and stand up letting fools to ponder at their destinies further. This action is yet another way of getting an edge at a poker table effectively.

What I have already mentioned are the simplest facts in poker and many players know them by heart. Nevertheless, the problem is that there are even some more who do not know or careless of the simplest things better. Understanding that how valuable these average methods are, is a ticket for winning. If you are employing them already, probably you are in the right path. As to those who are not activating them yet, start implementing the simple rules first in the poker game, and you will be the next winner of your poker table, not only once but regularly as well.

Less famous Casino Games

The most popular and loved casino games are Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Craps and Baccarat. However, here, you will discover about the lesser known and equally exciting games

1.Sic Bo: An ancient Chinese dice game, Sic Bo is actually quite simple. It is played with 3 dices and some luck on your side. There are several bet variants in this game like Big, Small, Double, Triplet, Two of a Kind, Three of a Kind, Any Three of a Kind, Single Number Wager, Total. The best choices to boost your chances of winning are the Big and Small bets.

2.Pai gow poker: It is a combination of the American version of Poker and the early Chinese dominoes game of Pai Gow. It is played with a traditional 52-card deck and a joker as the Wild Card, which is used as an ace. The game is played with two hands, one being a five-card hand and the other being a two-card. The basic aim is that the five-card hand, i.e. the High Hand should supersede the value of the two-card hand, i.e. the Low Hand. Both your hands should be better than those of the dealer’s. The hitch is that, if both the hands of both parties are of the same value, then the dealer wins. The best winning combinations in Pai Gow Poker are 5 Aces, Royal Flush and Straight Flush.

3.Casino War: It is said to be one of the easiest casino games if you’ve ever played “war” or “battle” in your childhood. To simply put it, the dealer and every player on the table gets one card. If you have a higher card than the dealer, you win. Or even if it is of the same value as of the dealer’s, you get a second chance to deal again by going in a war or you can either surrender half the bet. In case of a war, the dealer will burn three cards and deal another card for himself and the player.

Go ahead and enjoy some not so popular, but thrilling casino games like Caribbean Stud Poker, Let it Ride Stud Poker, Spanish 21 and Big Six.

Common Mistakes you do when playing poker

Poker is an international card game in which success and failure depend on a player’s game play. Players who play poker smartly will have higher chance of winning the game. Players who don’t play poker smartly will loose the game. If you wish to remain as a social poker player be careful while playing poker. You should learn to play poker well, and avoid common mistakes. Success in poker depends on your game play and game strategy. If you put a balance between these two things success will come to you within few rounds.

Some of the common mistakes players do while playing poker are: Playing too many hands, going with straights all the time, always preferring small pairs, unnecessary excitement. Poker is a game of thought but not a game of rapid action. Most of the amateur poker players try to play quick hands and loose game within less time. Playing too many hands will not benefit them. When a player plays every hand his opponents realize him as a poor player and try to deceive him.

Good poker players know that fresh players always play more straights. It is advisable for fresh players to stop going for a straight, unless they are dealt with one. Beginners of poker generally go for small pairs. Going for small pairs can make your opponent recognize you as a weak player. Never get excited in poker. Poker is a game which depends on bluffing; there are many cheaters around you who realize that you have a strong hand. Excitement later leads you to utter disappointment. Most of the novice players love face cards. When a player gets excited about his card, he won’t be able to concentrate on the table. Player’s excitement gives way to cheater to turn the game to his side.