Play Poker Loco Style

As you all know, there are many different poker rooms out there in the Internet jungle. The founders of these poker rooms have very often been very creative when picking a name for their poker room. Some are definitely better than others.

One of my personal favorites is a poker room called Poker Loco. The word “loco” means “crazy” or similar in English. But it is not the meaning of the word that I like so much, it is the sound and feel of it. Playing Poker at Poker Loco has a nice ring to it. At least to me.

Poker Loco is a well established poker room and is part of Ongame Network. So if you like playing in Ongame Network and, as me, like the sound of the name it is time to become a bit Loco at Poker Loco. I have tried it and I can warmly recommend the place.