I am a sports freak

BasketballLooking back at my life there is no doubt that it is the game that is my drive. I love to win. It’s the same when I play poker or when I’m swinging a racket in tennis. I need to win. This is of course the main reason I ended up as a fanatic poker player, it was never about the money.

It is the same way when I watch sports on TV, I want to win. Ok, it’s very good if my team wins (usually that means the Lakers) but it’s still not me winning. Luckily, when I was 16 I found the solution and that is very simple: Betting.

I have been betting my whole life and once it moved online it just got better, instead of standing out in the sun waiting for the bus so I could go and place my bets I just chill in the sofa with the laptop. Where do I bet? Sportsbook.com is an obvious choice, not so much because I like it better but because it was there when I started and I sort of got stuck. Right now I’m taking a closer look at the NBA Betting odd and as usual the Lakers should win 🙂

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