Common Mistakes you do when playing poker

Poker is an international card game in which success and failure depend on a player’s game play. Players who play poker smartly will have higher chance of winning the game. Players who don’t play poker smartly will loose the game. If you wish to remain as a social poker player be careful while playing poker. You should learn to play poker well, and avoid common mistakes. Success in poker depends on your game play and game strategy. If you put a balance between these two things success will come to you within few rounds.

Some of the common mistakes players do while playing poker are: Playing too many hands, going with straights all the time, always preferring small pairs, unnecessary excitement. Poker is a game of thought but not a game of rapid action. Most of the amateur poker players try to play quick hands and loose game within less time. Playing too many hands will not benefit them. When a player plays every hand his opponents realize him as a poor player and try to deceive him.

Good poker players know that fresh players always play more straights. It is advisable for fresh players to stop going for a straight, unless they are dealt with one. Beginners of poker generally go for small pairs. Going for small pairs can make your opponent recognize you as a weak player. Never get excited in poker. Poker is a game which depends on bluffing; there are many cheaters around you who realize that you have a strong hand. Excitement later leads you to utter disappointment. Most of the novice players love face cards. When a player gets excited about his card, he won’t be able to concentrate on the table. Player’s excitement gives way to cheater to turn the game to his side.