Enjoy The Various Advantages Of Using PokerOffic


PokerOffice is a tracking software that will help to make your gaming experience more exciting. The main advantage of PokerOffice is its ability to provide real time tracking as the game unfolds. You can get detailed information about your opponents. This is important in helping you identify strong players.
You can be able to view a players mucked hands. It is very useful to help you categorize players especially those at the limit tables where the players may not be so skilled. It even has a hand re-player to enable you to easily replay a hand to show off to friends or family or to assist a new learner to analyze and understand how to win a game.
You can be able to view various statistics of various aspects of the game. You can filter the statistics and find basically anything you want from player aggression to hand groupings. You can manipulate and configure the statistics which have been graphed as you want.
It is advisable to check if the software is compatible with your operating system before purchasing it. The good thing is that the software can be installed in computers with various operating systems. You have the option of changing the language settings to what you want.
You can install and run the program using the same license up to two of your computers. If you unintsall it from one of the computers then you can install the software in the third computer and so on and it will still be able to work properly. This gives you flexibility to use the program wherever it is convenient for you.
It is easy to get PokerOffice running straight out from the box. The program is continually being upgraded so you will be sure of getting better service at all times. Various add on features make the software more user friendly.