Less famous Casino Games

The most popular and loved casino games are Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Craps and Baccarat. However, here, you will discover about the lesser known and equally exciting games

1.Sic Bo: An ancient Chinese dice game, Sic Bo is actually quite simple. It is played with 3 dices and some luck on your side. There are several bet variants in this game like Big, Small, Double, Triplet, Two of a Kind, Three of a Kind, Any Three of a Kind, Single Number Wager, Total. The best choices to boost your chances of winning are the Big and Small bets.

2.Pai gow poker: It is a combination of the American version of Poker and the early Chinese dominoes game of Pai Gow. It is played with a traditional 52-card deck and a joker as the Wild Card, which is used as an ace. The game is played with two hands, one being a five-card hand and the other being a two-card. The basic aim is that the five-card hand, i.e. the High Hand should supersede the value of the two-card hand, i.e. the Low Hand. Both your hands should be better than those of the dealer’s. The hitch is that, if both the hands of both parties are of the same value, then the dealer wins. The best winning combinations in Pai Gow Poker are 5 Aces, Royal Flush and Straight Flush.

3.Casino War: It is said to be one of the easiest casino games if you’ve ever played “war” or “battle” in your childhood. To simply put it, the dealer and every player on the table gets one card. If you have a higher card than the dealer, you win. Or even if it is of the same value as of the dealer’s, you get a second chance to deal again by going in a war or you can either surrender half the bet. In case of a war, the dealer will burn three cards and deal another card for himself and the player.

Go ahead and enjoy some not so popular, but thrilling casino games like Caribbean Stud Poker, Let it Ride Stud Poker, Spanish 21 and Big Six.