The future of rakeback

More and more poker networks are trying to enforce a policy against rakeback. For instance, Ongame Network has recently launched a new model for distributing rake between the different poker rooms playing together in their poker network. The aim is to give advantage to poker rooms/players that feed the system with new money. Traditionally, rakeback players are seen to be the direct opposite. Rakeback players are very good poker players that bring very little fresh money to the system since they win most of the time. Instead they take a lot of the fresh money provided by the less good players away from the system before the poker rooms can make any rake on it.

This trend is, of course, natural at a time when poker rooms and networks move into a phase where the business is not growing as much anymore and they need to focus on making the business as profitable as possible instead. Will this mean the end to rakeback ? Of course not, poker rooms will still be needing to give things back to their really big and good poker players. Just as they have to do in land-based casinos. In the future, rakeback might take on a different shape, but it will still be there in some form.