US Poker Sites

Several of the large US Poker Sites have been shut down by FBI. This leaves a lot of players without a site to call home so I, the Big Bob, decided to find out what other poker sites there are for US players.

I did find a number of US Sites still open for business and there were two that seem to work well. Doyle’s Room and True Poker. They are both in the Yatahay Network and can be trusted, has been around forever (even before Stars and Tilt and those losers) and Doyle’s is of course guaranteed by good old Doyle Brunson himself.
It’s of course tough if your money got locked away by the feds when they closed Pokerstars and Full Tilt Poker (I’m pretty certain that you, my dear readers, would never have played at UB or Absolute as we know from before that they are scammers). It’s even worse not to be able to play poker though so here it is:
US Poker Sites:
Enjoy playing!